How does BOTOX® work?

Botox injections temporarily relax the muscle that causes skin to crease/wrinkle, making wrinkles fade or disappear altogether. The effect of the treatment is to trim the receptors of the muscles that have been injected. These receptors receive messages from the brain to tell the muscle to move; and so BOTOX® prevents this from happening. ‘Trimmed’ receptors mean the results are that wrinkles and lines have been temporarily reduced as a result of less movement from the muscle that has been treated. These injections are with the finest of needles, resulting in minimal discomfort.

Popular Areas To Treat:

– Crow’s Feet
– Frown Lines
– Forehead Lines
– Bunny Lines (bridge of nose)
– Hyperhidrosis – Excess Sweating
– Neck Lift
– Brow Lift


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