Here at Kosmetiko our in-house doctor uses dermal fillers for several treatments, from lip enhancement to non-surgical rhinoplasty. Dermal filler is a naturally occurring gel that is injected under the skin. This fills out any fine lines & wrinkles, or can be used to create a fuller appearance. Over time your body naturally breaks this down, so top ups are advised.


Lip enhancement
Lip enhancement, or lip fillers, is one of the most popular uses of dermal fillers. Filler is injected in both the top and bottom lip from 4-6 different points to create fuller looking lips. Your technician will only use the amount needed to give you your desired look and balance out your lips, so there’s no need to worry about having them over filled!

Non-surgical rhinoplasty
The perfect alternative to surgery, the non-surgical rhinoplasty uses filler to full out any bumps and imperfections on the bridge of your nose. Using a needle filler is injected into the tip and bridge of your nose and manipulated to create a smoother appearance. 

Cheek fillers
Dermal filler is a great way to add shape to your face, and one way of doing that is to enhance your cheeks. Filler is injected into both sides to create fuller looking cheeks to match your face shape.

Tear troughs
Those stubborn, droopy undereyes can be fixed with dermal filler! We gently inject the filler into the space under your eye to fill in there the muscle has left. This leaves the eyes looking plumper and the loose skin lifted.

Jawline & chin enhancement
Another great way to sculpt your face using dermal filler. Injected along the jawline and into the chin (these are both separate treatments, so no need to have both) filler is used to create a natural looking jawline to compliment your face shape.

If you think any of these treatments are right for you, or you have any questions, call our front of house team on 01484 444549 or email us at and we will answer any queries you have.

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