Intralipotherapy – Fat Busting Injections

What is ‘Intralipotherapy – Fat Busting Injections’?

Localised fat deposits are subcutaneous adipose tissue accumulations in specific anatomical areas that alter body silhouette. They are unsightly and unresponsive to the normal signals to activate metabolism (low calorie diet/physical exercise). They can be successfully treated with intralipotherapy. Intralipotherpay uses adipocitolytic solutions that cause fat cell destruction. The solution is released evenly, directly into the fat layer, gradually reducing its size. The treatment can be repeated after a suitable period of time. The solution is slow acting and needs time to achieve the treatment aim.


Before treatment the patient will undergo careful examination while standing. Needle access during treatment is generally limited to 1-3 times per area.

1 Area: £275
2 Areas: £425
3 Areas: £575
4 Areas: £725