After the mini heatwaves we’ve been having in England this summer, your skin might feel like it needs a bit of TLC. Whether it be pigmentation, acne or just dryness a chemical peel could be the perfect treatment for you.
Chemical peel’s have an air of mystery around them, but we’re here to help make it clearer for you! Chemical peels work to remove damaged outer layers of skin, and come in varying degrees of strength. Using AHA, TCA or phenol, these treatments are recommended in a course and will reduce the visible damage to your skin over time.

These treatments come in varying degrees of strength, so if you are a newbie to chemical peels and want to make sure its the right treatment for you we can start you off on a lighter strength treatment. The different degrees of strength also mean your peeling results will differ, as the stronger the treatment you have the more dead skin will peel away to reveal the new skin.

Here at Kosmetiko we use the Obagi skincare range, which includes in clinic treatments and a home care system which you can purchase from us. Using the Obagi products at home can really boost your results (especially if treating acne or pigmentation) and your therapist will talk you through the steps to ensure you get maximum results.

To find out more about our chemical peels, or to book a consultation, contact our reception team on 01484 444549 or email on

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