With June comes the promise of summer; bbq’s and beaches whilst sat in the sun. But for some people also comes the worry of excessive sweating, and how to hide it.

Many people thing this is something they have to deal with, there’s no quick fix or treatment. However we’re here to tell you those days of keeping your arms by your sides are over! Hyperhydrosis is the treatment of the sweat glands which reduces sweating using botox.

Botox works by freezing a muscle, meaning it doesn’t work in its usual way. Perfect for wrinkles, it’s most common use, as it means the muscle can no longer move the same way and create lines. This also applies to the sweat glands, as the Botox stops the glands working in their usual way and so they produce less sweat.

This treatment is most commonly used in the underarms, however can also be used on the palm of the hands. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who struggles in summer, and will take the worries away on any hot days.

How long do the effects of the treatment last?
Botox is only a temporary treatment, and so this is not a permanent fix. Hyperhydrosis on the underarm can last anywhere from 4-14 months, however when having the treatment on the hands & feet results may only last for around 6 months (although all this differs deepening on the person).

Does this stop the sweating all together or just reduce it?
In tests the hyperhydrosis treatment has been shown to significantly reduce sweating, but not stop it all together. In underarms the test showed a 82-87% decrease, and a 80-90% decrease when used on the palms.

To see if this is the right treatment for you, contact our team to organise a free consultation where our doctor will talk you through the treatment and answer any questions you may have. We are available on 01484 444549 and at sales@kosmetikoclinic.com

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