Now is the perfect time of year to treat yourself; summer has been and gone and Christmas is fast approaching, so take some time out to pamper yourself before the madness of it all!
Lip fillers are the perfect treatment to have before all the festivities start, and having the treatment this month ensures your lips will be looking their best for every photo opportunity.

What exactly is the lip filler process?
We use a fine needle to inject dermal filler under the surface of the lip, focusing on different areas depending on your desired result. Dermal filler is a natural substance which, once injected, is slowly broken down by your body over time. This treatment is perfect to smooth out any imperfections, create fuller lips and add even structure.

Is the treatment painful?
Due to the placement of this treatment, we use a topical numbing cream on the lips to help ease any discomfort. This is applied 15 minutes before your treatment and doesn’t affect the results in any way- it just makes it a more pleasant experience for you!

What is the downtime after this treatment?
Immediately after this treatment you will experience some swelling to the lips, this will ease within a few days and then the results of your treatment will be visible. On the odd occasion you may also experience some bruising, this is completely normal and will also go down within a few days. Full aftercare is given by our Doctor after the treatment.

How long do the results last for?
Dermal fillers are a longer lasting product, and your results will be visible for 6-12 months. The substance is slowly broken down by your body and so the results will slowly start to fade. If you feel like you need a top up during this time you can make an appointment to see the Doctor who will do a consultation and top up any areas she feels need it.

I don’t want really full lips, is this the right treatment for me?
A common misconception of lip fillers is that if you have them it means you will have big lips, and this isn’t the case! Our doctor will only use filler to fit your face type and requests, so if you just want them evening out that is what we will do! You can have very subtle changes that make a huge difference, and no one will even know you’ve had the treatment done!

If you have any further questions, or would like to speak to someone to book in a consultation with our Dr please call us on 01484 444549 or email us at

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