Exfoliation treatments are a must at this time of year, and facials are no exception. One treatment we love coming into Autumn is Dermaplaning, an exfoliation facial that uses a small blade to buff away dead skin cells, leaving your skin glowing and radiant!

You may have heard of Dermaplaning when it took the beauty industry by storm 3 years ago. It’s a treatment celebs like Miley Cyrus swear by due to the amazing results. Not only does it leave your skin glowing thanks to the removal of dead skin cells, it also removes vellous hair from the face meaning you have the perfectly smooth base for makeup. But what actually is Dermaplaning?! We’re here to answer the most asked questions and help you understand the treatment more!

Is it painful?
Dermaplaning is a completely pain free treatment. The small blade is buffed over your skin so gently it just feels like a little pressure, you can’t feel the skin being removed or the blade itself.

What is the downtime?
Although there isn’t a set downtime for this treatment, we suggest leaving your skin for 24 hours so the product can sink in and any makeup doesn’t block the pores. You may experience some slight redness after the treatment, which can be covered with mineral makeup if needed.

How often should I have the treatment?
We suggest having one treatment every 6 weeks, this means your skin has time to turnover new cells and is ready to be exfoliated again.

Does the vellous hair grow back darker & thicker?
Not at all! Vellous hair are the thin fluffy hairs we have on our face, and they will only ever grow this way. The removal of vellous hairs with Dermaplaning is not like shaving anywhere else, and so the hairs will still grow back the same.

How do I get the best results?
Depending on what results you are wanting, this treatment is the perfect pair for A-lift. The combination of treatments combats fine lines and wrinkles and leaves you with a gorgeous, glowing complexion.

If you would like further information, or would like to make an appointment, our reception team are on hand to help. You can reach them by calling 01484 444549 or emailing us at sales@kosmetikoclinic.co.uk

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